Grassland Art Gallery

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Colours of Australia

by Robyn O’Sullivan

A breathtaking display of vibrant hues and evocative landscapes has taken centre stage at the Grassland Art Gallery. Robyn O’Sullivan unveiled her latest body of work, ‘Colours of Australia.’ This exhibition, a celebration of the Australian landscape, invites viewers on a visual journey through the outback’s diverse terrain and captivating scenery.

Robyn O’Sullivan’s journey into the realm of art is one filled with determination and passion. Despite being a relative newcomer, her innate talent and dedication shine through in every stroke of her pastel-infused canvases. Inspired by a workshop with renowned artist Lyn Barnes in Quilpie back in 2020, Robyn found her muse in the vast expanse of the Australian outback.

What sets Robyn’s work apart is her ability to capture not just the visual beauty of the land, but also its essence—the play of light on a rust-red cliff face, the whisper of wind through the gum trees, the warmth of the sun sinking below the horizon. Each piece in the exhibition is imbued with a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the Australian landscape, inviting viewers to pause and reflect on the raw, untamed beauty that surrounds us.

One of the highlights of ‘Colours of Australia’ is Robyn’s masterful use of pastels. With deft precision and a keen eye for detail, she brings her subjects to life, infusing them with a sense of vitality and energy. Her technique, which relies on the tactile nature of pastels, allows her to create rich textures and subtle gradients that evoke the rugged beauty of the Australian terrain.

But ‘Colours of Australia’ is more than just a showcase of artistic talent—it’s a celebration of community and connection. As former neighbour Pat Bredhauer, who opened the exhibition, remarked, “Robyn’s work not only captures the beauty of the land but also the spirit of the people who call it home.”

Each painting tells a story—a story of resilience, of beauty, of the enduring spirit of Australia. And as Robyn O’Sullivan’s ‘Colours of Australia’ exhibition continues serves as a poignant reminder of the profound connection between art and the land we call home.

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The Grassland Art Gallery is a public exhibition space located centrally in Tambo and is free to visit.

The front façade of the building references a historical shop that occupied this site in earlier times.

The Gallery is the only Council-supported, purpose-built, climate controlled facility within a 300km radius, extending from Longreach to Roma.

The Grassland Art Gallery has a contemporary cool and inviting exhibition area that has a running space of 40 metres. It has a rotating exhibition program of locally produced and curated displays, regional artists and touring exhibitions. The gallery programming is managed by the Tambo Arts Council in a collaboration with the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council’s Arts and Cultural Officer.

The Gallery offers a large community workshop and meeting space that is well equipped for a range of events and activities. The Foyer area provides further display space and has a small shop selling artisan products and giftware. It is the cultural hub that also connects and interacts closely with the historical precinct in presenting Tambo’s rich cultural heritage. A relaxing courtyard connects the Gallery and workshop spaces.