Christmas Trees

The Grassland Art Gallery Christmas Tree exhibition bought forth the community’s festive spirit last Friday.  This innovative installation showcases Tambo’s inventive and imaginative community and features a stunning array of Christmas trees crafted entirely from found and recycled materials and objects, demonstrating a fusion of creativity and sustainability.

Divided into distinct categories catering to businesses, individuals, families, community and budding talents in junior levels, the exhibition celebrates the artistry and resourcefulness of participants. Judge’s Alec and Fay Nugent found the task extremely challenging, leading to a couple of extra categories and prizes popping up on the night.

The Business category boasts trees fashioned by local enterprises, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility while infusing their brand identity into these artistic creations.

In the Individual category, a plethora of imaginative displays adorn the gallery, each tree telling a unique story through the clever use of discarded household items, sticks, timber, and bottle tops. These trees not only emanate holiday cheer but also serve as a poignant reminder of the potential beauty in everyday objects as you turn trash into treasure.

Families have come together in the spirit of collaboration and creativity, crafting heartwarming and eclectic trees using materials sourced from their homes and surroundings.

The Junior categories showcase the talent and ingenuity of young artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their imagination and artistic flair.  

Of course, there can only be one winner per category (except where there were two) and from the thirty plus entrant the winners were:

Fearon family – A Love of Australia and re-purposing. Category: family (overall winner – that is Champion Tree)

Aubrey and Lionel Keen – A little bit of bush/city love.  Category: family

Lauren Webber – Combining my love of woodwork and natives. Category: individual

Alex Bauer -Shed Tree Xmas. Category: Junior U15

Penny Smith – A Beery Xmas. Category: Junior U15

Tambo State School – Everyday Life at Tambo State School. Category: Community

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council – Our Workplace. Category: Business

Rhondda Scott – Dump Tree Christmas. Category Business

Beyond the allure of twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments, the Grassland Art Gallery’s Christmas Tree exhibition captures the spirit of the holiday season—spreading joy, fostering creativity, and advocating for a more sustainable future.

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