Colours of Australia

Colours of Australia by Robyn O'Sullivan

Robyn O’Sullivan may be considered a relative newcomer in the world of art, but she is determined to make up for lost time.

Reflecting on her journey, she credits a workshop she attended in Quilpie with Lyn Barnes back in 2020, as pivotal in her career describing it as the spark that ignited her passion. It was during this workshop that she discovered her affinity for pastels and her knack for capturing the rugged beauty of the Australian outback in her landscapes. Robyn considers she can really bring the colours of the outback to life using this medium.

Since then, Robyn has expanded her artistic repertoire to include portraying people, a skill she initially hesitated to explore. She recounted how she initially balked at the idea of incorporating figures into her work, but eventually found the courage to do so, resulting in a successful endeavour that she’s immensely proud of.

‘Working with pastels mean my fingers are my brushes,’ she explained. ‘They do all the work – the creating, the blending.’

Robyn’s dedication to her art has yielded prolific results since her workshop with Lyn Barnes. Her current exhibition at the Grassland Art Gallery marks her second solo show, following her debut in Toowoomba. Never one to rest on her laurels, Robyn has actively participated in numerous art competitions across various local shows in the western regions, earning acclaim and multiple prizes, including champion and grand champion titles.

Artistry runs deep in Robyn’s veins, stemming from her upbringing around Roma, where creativity was a familial trait. Both her mother and several aunts and uncles possessed creative talents. Notably, there was even a cartoonist among their ranks.

When Robyn married Rob O’Sullivan, they purchased ‘Nungil’, a 40,000 acre mulga and brigalow block on the Langlo River, 125 kms north west of Charleville. That was home for almost forty years, where Robyn helped on the property and taught distance education to her three children, forcing her artistic streak to lay dormant.

Now residing near Toowoomba in Top Camp, Robyn’s artistic talents have flourished.

The unveiling of her exhibition, ‘Colours of Australia,’ on Saturday March 9 drew around fifty attendees. Former neighbour, Pat Bredhauer from the Scrubby Creek area, opened the exhibition and the collective audience were astounded at the precision and perfection of Robyn’s work.

‘Colours of Australia’ will be on display at the Grassland Art Gallery until the beginning of June, showcasing Robyn’s masterful depiction of the Australian landscape through her vibrant artworks.

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