Evolution of my Art by Donna Rivers

Evolution of My Art by Donna Rivers opened at the Grassland Art Gallery on Friday April 1st. The first opening held in 2022, the evening not only heralded the opening of the exhibition but marked a few changes occurring Grasslands.

Tambo Arts Council’s President, Jill Pavy, welcomed the crowd and together with the organisation’s new Secretary, Stacey Ryrie, presented the former President, Kiralee Sanderson and former Secretary, Alison Shaw with a magnificent bunch of flowers as a thank you.

Tribute was also paid in the form of a toast for Kim Davidson, who passed away earlier in the week. Kim championed the Arts in Tambo and not only held the positions of President and Secretary of the Tambo Arts Council and Editor of the Tambo Whisperer but also represented regional arts as a member of the Queensland Arts Council’s board for several years. Kim was the driving force behind the Grassland Art Gallery, it was her vision and persistence that has given our community such a magnificent cultural asset.

Donna’s long-time friend, Margie Tindale, opened the exhibition and regaled the gathering with tales of their time nursing together in Charleville at the tender ages of 16 and 17. Donna and Margie both lived in the nursing quarters where they were allowed to keep both animals and pot plants!

As they embarked on their careers the pair kept in contact regularly writing letters. The pair lost touch for a while as Donna moved around until Margie saw an advertisement for an exhibition of art at the Qantas Founders Museum. Putting pen to paper again Margie wrote to ‘Donna Rivers, Jundah’ and popped a note on the letter, ‘Dear Postmaster, if you know Donna can you please give it to her’. Three days later, Donna rang!

Donna’s approach to art as instinctual, self-taught she just starts to create. Her process is mostly about capturing movement, she says. ‘I never plan to paint anything in particular – I don’t sit down and think, ‘I’m going to paint a flower’. I just start painting and it all comes through.’

Evolution of Art is a colourful, vibrant exhibition which will be on display at Grasslands until the end of May. Don’t miss it!​

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