GAP 2024

Grassland Art Prize 2024

A crowd of around 40 art enthusiasts gathered for the grand opening of the 2024 Grassland Art Prize on Saturday June 8th. The crowd, a vibrant mix of artists, local community members, and tourists, eagerly anticipated the announcement of this year’s winners and the chance to explore the inspiring artworks on display.

The opening event was a testament to the unifying power of art. Attendees mingled and admired the artwork, fostering a sense of community and mutual appreciation. The Grassland Art Prize not only highlights exceptional artistic talent but also strengthens community bonds and celebrates local culture.

The Grassland Art Gallery is more than just an exhibition space; it is a vital community asset. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work, encourages cultural exchange, and serves as a hub for artistic inspiration and education. The gallery’s role in the community extends beyond exhibitions, offering workshops, artist talks, and educational programs that enrich the local cultural landscape.

The continued success of the Grassland Art Prize and the gallery itself is made possible by the generous support of its sponsors. The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, Harvey Black Group, Sanderson Family Trust, and Geoff and Cassie Swanson have all contributed invaluable resources, ensuring that the prize and gallery can thrive and continue to benefit the community.

Sarah Johnson, the senior curator at the Qantas Founders Museum and this year’s judge, praised the artists for their bravery and creativity in her opening remarks. “Art has the profound ability to connect us with our past and inspire our future,” she said. “The works presented here today are a testament to the power of creativity and the enduring impact of childhood memories.”

The highlight was the announcement of the 2024 Grassland Art Prize winners:

  • First Prize was awarded to Lynette (Lindy) Hardie for her whimsical piece “Without a Sense of Fashion,” which humorously portrays a child dressed in goggles and cowboy boots, capturing the playful spirit of childhood dress-up games.
  • Second Prize went to Naomi McKenzie for her hand-developed film photograph, a beautifully composed image of children playing with a garden hose, embodying the joy of simple, spontaneous play.
  • Third Prize was given to Rose Knight for “Holidayz,” an evocative painting of children playing on the beach, brought to life with energetic brushstrokes and a vivid sense of movement.

Experience the 2024 Grassland Art Prize and rediscover the joy and wonder of childhood by visiting the GAP or if you can’t make it in person check it out online here.

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