Hybrid Greening by Veronika Ziel and Nanette Balchin

Hybrid Greening By Veronika Ziel And Nanette Balchin


On display from 7 November through to 8 December Hybrid Greening is an immersive, experiential installation that invites the audience to participate with the work through a plant morphing APP.

Using the app and moving your arms around you can see yourself transforming from a human into a plant form. With this exhibition the artists are trying to create that sensation of blurring the line between art and science, shifting people’s perceptions about the relationship between nature, ecology and other living beings.

Interested in exploring the interface between development and conservation, Veronika said the app took quite a bit of time and effort but was well and truly worth it in the end.

Hybrid Greening invites the audiences to immerse and interact with the artworks, highlighting the audiences’ physical senses including sight, sound and touch.

An interactive video, shot in Veronika’s garden with the artists’ friends, shows the cast transforming gradually through their costumes and decoration, blending into the garden itself. The video also incorporates yoga, with the audience invited to participate.

Another highlight of the exhibition is a Green Therapy Room incorporating recycled furniture and mosaics made from recycled crockery.

“It’s about repurposing something that’s already existed out here in the world and putting it back together in a new form.” Veronika said the exhibition incorporated therapeutic elements and reflected people’s relationship with nature.

Veronika was born in Germany and emigrated to Australia in 1990. As a primarily self-taught artist she has created paintings, drawings, mosaics and sculpture for most of her life.

Nanette, a textile artist, is inspired to create a conversation with the viewer through interactive artworks and installations. Nanette eeks to combine media such as paint, inks, dyes and drawing media with cloth, paper and stitching to create ‘curious’ visually rich collaged surfaces, books, boxes or assemblages.

A thought-provoking exhibition that is on display for only a short period, don’t miss it!

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