New York in Outback Tambo

Artist Miriam Innes brought her mesmerizing hyperrealistic style to Tambo, captivating audiences with her monumental artwork “New York Rambling,” stretching impressively around the gallery walls. This masterpiece has enthralled viewers not only in Tambo but also across cities like Brisbane, New York, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Noosa, and Melbourne. The intricate details and remarkable depth of the panels, all achieved with charcoal—a medium most artists shy away from—add to its appeal.

During her visit, students from Tambo State School were treated to an immersive experience at the gallery, where they delved into the bustling streets of New York through virtual reality. With the aid of the free Artivive App, students were able to explore the artwork in-depth, unravelling the essence of the city and its vibrant scenes.

Miriam’s artists talk during the gallery’s opening event was a highlight, brimming with delightful Irish humour that kept the audience thoroughly engaged. The community’s enthusiasm was tangible as members returned on Saturday to participate in a collaborative project inspired by Tambo’s architectural landmarks, resulting in a fresh interpretation of the town’s streetscape.

Drawing inspiration from the town’s architectural heritage, a diverse group of over twenty individuals gathered throughout the day at the gallery to contribute to this artistic creation. Local charcoal, burnt from local bush timber, was used as part of the assortment of charcoal utilized to capture the architecture of the town. Some found the charcoal medium challenging, but working alongside Miriam, they brought Tambo’s essence to life with each stroke.

The completed artwork, spanning an impressive 2 metres in length, embodies the collective spirit of Tambo. The Tambo Arts Council plans to have it framed and prominently displayed for the community to enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

This project was supported by:

The Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between Blackall-Tambo Regional Council and Arts Queensland.

Public Galleries Queensland.


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