The Road Less Travelled by Rhondda Scott

A Road Less Travelled By Rhondda Scott

Rhondda Scott’s first solo exhibition opened on Friday August 5th, 2022, at the Grassland Art Gallery.

In 2019, Rhondda  entered in and made it into the finals of the John Villiers art prize and headed out west for a trip. On the way she called into Tambo and the Grassland Art Gallery. After purchasing a few art works, and then discovered a cute little cottage which was also purchased as an art studio.

Originally the plan was to paint in Tambo in the cooler months, but Rhondda soon discovered the charm of the west, sold up in Brisbane and with her husband has made the move to Tambo a permanent shift. 

Surrounded by the vastness of the Tambo landscape, Rhondda discovered plenty of material to stimulate her creativity. Connecting with the local Arts Council, it was a natural progression for her to have an exhibition at the Grassland Art Gallery to show the local landscape through her eyes.
In her own words:

This exhibition is about the outback and its vastness. It is the road less travelled, my journey to cattle and sheep properties. It is my way of seeing the light and shade and its movement.

I create in oil paint on canvas and board. Using ochre from the land around us, I add this medium to my art story. Found in rock form, I take it back to my studio and crush the rock into dust and mix with oil. This process allows me to bring the land into my work in its final stages.

What would I like for you, the viewer? I would love you to sit and contemplate the land in my paintings. This is our shared story of the outback. It’s a shared memory. It is the landscape you viewed on your way into town. I paint it in a loose impressionist style because to me, it’s all about the light. 

The Road Less Travelled will be on display at the Grassland Art Gallery until the end of September. Works can be viewed and purchased in our online SHOP.

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